A Little Zinc a Day Keeps the Acne Away

Years ago, it was thought that acne was a teenage skin problem caused by not washing the face well enough. But science has proved that theory wrong. Acne is a skin inflammation and the condition happens to people regardless of how young or old they are. For some people, it can be an ongoing battle trying to get and keep radiant looking skin that's free from blemishes. The answer to how to get great looking, blemish free skin might surprise you. Zinc is recommended by dermatologists because of the ability this essential mineral has to fight against acne. Zinc has incredible anti-inflammatory properties that can actually work to heal the skin from the inflammation that causes the acne to occur. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, zinc helps the skin repair itself from the outbreak. By having enough zinc in your diet, not only can that help fight acne, but if you do have an acne inflammation, zinc can heal the skin faster than any other mineral. It's one of the reasons this mineral is also recommended in cases of diaper rash because it heals so well and fast. Oysters have more zinc than any food you can buy or grow. However, since not everyone is a fan of any kind of seafood - including oysters - there are other ways to make sure you get the zinc that you need to keep your skin in great shape. Beef (like a sirloin roast) or pork chops both have plenty of zinc - but a diet rich in lean meats like chicken can also provide the amount of zinc that you need. Eggs are a great food for a zinc rich diet and so is cheddar cheese. You can include extra zinc in your diet in the foods that you snack on as well. Snacks like pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts, pecans and figs are high in zinc. Peanut butter is a healthy way to get servings of zinc. Wheat bran or oats have a lot of minerals that are good for you, including the zinc that will help your skin. Chow mein noodles are another good source for zinc intake. A very surprising source of zinc is cocoa powder. Not only can the zinc contained in this product give you the zinc you need, but it's good for fighting cholesterol so you get double benefits from adding this to your diet.


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